Company Information

Our global network of suppliers keeps us up to date with all the latest construction and demolition tools and methods.

We are after long term business relationships with our suppliers and clients alike and consider our dealings as a “partnership” with the emphasis on after sales service.

Company Philosophy

To stand out from the crowd we must:

  1. Explore all options
  2. Listen to client needs
  3. Be available when required
  4. Provide energetic service and solutions.

Product Range

  1. Diamond Blades
  2. Core Drilling Equipment
  3. Core Bits
  4. Diamond Tools hand held
  5. Flat saws
  6. Cedima- Wall saws and Wire saws
  7. Surface preparation
  8. Stone Products
  9. Brick and tile saws
  10. Back Set Slurry removal
  11. Rescue Blades